Can Greed Do More Harm Than Good

It is human Nature to want more things, earn more money, earn more status etc. It is a good thing to some extent. This is desire to achieve bigger things in life. But when someone gets obsessed with it and wants it all for him or herself than it becomes a bad quality and creates negative vibrations. It ultimately ends with destruction of all you achieved. Lets us take example of stock trading. It will be OK if you make consistent small gains which will end up in sizable gains. If you get greedy and for little more when you are making money, you end up losing big with sudden moves of the market.

My thoughts are: Ambition and goal setting is good so long you don’t get greedy. Greedy persons focus is on having it all, not doing and being as the focus of their life. They want it all, whether it is theirs or not.

A YouTube Video on “The science of greed” by Paul K. Piff (TedXMarin) explains greed:

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