Being A Leader Patton Way

General Patton was great leader. I will indulge into various characteristics of his leadership one at a time.

• Very important principle in his leadership was, “you have to lead yourself before you can lead anyone else.” During war in his command he showed leadership by being in the front line with people and leading them by example. Once his soldiers saw him doing things he expected from them, they did not held back from his leadership. They did what he did and that is reason he became very successful general. He gave himself a command to lead and lead his people successfully to victory after victory.
Pull not push. Lead from the front and lead with example. Show the people who are following you what can be done. These were the principles he followed.
Recognize your team’s achievements. Give credit where it belong and do it with utmost sincerity.
Show courage under any circumstances.
• Want to succeed? Show steadiness and be steadfast.

All these qualities added up to make him a leader. Now examine your own personality and see what you have and what you are lacking. Now if you want to lead a successful life develop characteristic you don’t have. That will give success beyond your imagination.

“The General George S. Patton Story” a documentary YouTube video describes his characteristics and achievements:

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