Be Yourself Based On Your Own Values

So many times when someone seems to have ideal life, we try to follow them immediately thinking we can be like them. It is not necessary to be like anyone else to be successful and happy in life.Chose your own set of values in life and stick to them. That will give you a unique personality. That will differentiate between you and others. Make it very simple with positive rules which you carve your life and follow.
When you are yourself this will happen in your life:

• You stay truthful to yourself and will be unique personality.
• You wouldn’t have to try to fit into other people’s image of you. You will in the right people’s company.
• You will fill with confidence.
• You will trust in what you are doing because you don’t have to fake anything.
• You will not have to pretend.
• You will share your true gifts with the world, the reason you became you. That is real reason you will reach success in your life.
• Sooner you start living life on your own terms you will enjoy your life and be happy beyond imagination.
• There will not be any fakeness in your life

Follow your own desires, be yourself and share the results with me so we can all learn from each other. Molding yourself is perfectly OK. That will be improvement of yourself, but don’t lose your inner qualities. So be yourself and be best you can be!

A YouTube video – “How to Be Yourself When You Don’t Know Who You Are – with JP Sears” gives another set of perspective on how to be yourself:

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