Be With Trend Of Doing It Yourself Preventive Medicine and Healthy Living

People are educating themselves and taking care of their health by practicing healthy living. With advent of internet such advice is easily available. I have observed following trends which will shape future health:

Do it yourself power mentality being enhanced because of advent of new technologies. Do it yourself technology is getting very popular.
• Over the counter medicine getting easily available. Lot of prescription medicines which used to be on prescription only are now becoming available without prescription going to give a boost to do it yourself medical practice.
• Availability of nutraceuticals, vitamins and dietary supplements will also increase use of preventive medicine.
• Lot of professionals, especially pharmacists, are able and willing to help over the internet to public without any financial rewards for themselves. They are shining example of people helping people because they care.

In coming blogs on my website  I will also do my best to write about preventive advice so that you can get health advice to stay in best of health. My health is excellent just because I follow the same principles in my own life.

A YouTube Video entitled “Neutraceuticals” gives an overview of the term neutraceuticals:

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