Be Thankful And Get More Positive Things In Your Life

When you feel little down or negative, it helps if you find little things to be thankful in life. It will uplift you right away. To make it easy for get ball rolling in being thankful to Universe make a list of things you are thankful for. Count all those small things which make your life easy don’t matter how small it may be. Like if you find a lucky penny on street. Things you take for granted – the air you breathe, the heart pumping blood to rest of body, without both these things our life itself can’t exist. What about the hug you got from loved one or smile you got from a stranger in a place where nobody knew you?

If you list all the small things it will be long list. Look at it and verbally say right before you sleep at night and after you get up in morning. You will have happiness coming in your life. The power of gratitude is well documented in all religions as well. It will increase your positive feeling which in turn will help you to be successful.

Here is YouTube Video – “Things To Be REALLY Thankful for” enumerates quite a few things to be thankful for:

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