Be Consistent

When dealing with other people, nobody likes surprises. People want to deal with persons based on their experience. Everyone wants to know in advance how you will behave under the similar circumstances. They want to know who they are dealing with and what kind of response they can expect. To be consistent you must be reliable and make sure your response does not depend upon your mood.

So to be likeable and increase your chances of succeeding in whatever you doing, I may suggest the following:

Be clear about your policy how you are going to deal with other people.
Be consistent and follow that policy to the letter.
• People should be able to gauze what they can expect from you regardless of who they are.
Be fair in dealing with the people.
• Make people feel that this is what they can expect and get in dealing with you regardless of your personal mood or circumstances.

It is my sincere opinion that if the people know that you are consistent and can expect certain response from regardless of fact what your mood, circumstances, or who you are dealing with, they will respect you, like you and will be willing to deal with you with confidence. That cements you success with those people.

A YouTube video – “Consistency & Flow – Motivational Video” – enumerates how consistency is cornerstone to your success:

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