Be Around The People Who Love, Care And Accept You The Way You Are

People are too much happy to help so that you can change according to what they think you should be like instead of accepting you for what you are. All persons should be open to change. Decision they should be made by you on when to change and what to change. Change should not be forced upon you. You should always make an informed decision to change based on your own aspirations. People need to understand that you can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped.

When you treat the people with due respect for their feelings and treat them as complete without any reservations, respect you and recognize your good qualities. Then they will change themselves to imitate your good point. Change like this is always going to better for both parties concerned.

So let us not force any changes on anyone instead show them by example how you are making a change in you and what the results of that change are. Changes made this way will be more acceptable to everyone. Then and only then we can change the world to better place.

“Motivate, Inspire And Lead Others By Example” By Bobby Flay Fit tells how to make changes in others by example:

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