Be An Action Taker

You can obtain the knowledge from world leaders in field of your interest. Getting a comprehensive knowledge is OK. Remember it is you who has to walk the talk. Until you take action acquiring all that knowledge is just waste of time.

Alternatively, it is OK if you do not have complete knowledge so long you take action. You can always perfect your knowledge as you proceed towards your dream. Because knowledge is only half of the game. What really matters is, did you apply what you have learned to gain experience, understanding and result.
Remember knowledge is powerless unless it is applied. Taking action even with imperfect knowledge will get you to your goal.

“Inspirational Video Clip Be An Action Taker” a YouTube video has ideas to guide you to take action:

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2 thoughts on “Be An Action Taker”

  1. Jagraj Singh

    Pharmaceuticals Professional

    Gurbani says, “udham karendian jeeo toon, kmawandian sukh bhunch dhiaindian toon Prabhu mil, Nanak utree chint” meaning: “O myself, by making an effort for the Name, thou shalt live and practicing it, thou shall enjoy peace. By meditating on the Name, Nanak says, thou shalt meet the Lord and thy anxiety shall vanish (GGS, p. 522). Sikhism is a religion of workers and house-holders / Those who lead a life of action. It believes in active life of action i.e, active optimism (Chardi kala), there is no place for pacifism in it. It shuns the life of asceticism and renunciation. Only action leads to success in any field, rather it is the key to success.

  2. Rajiv Singh | Coco Viviendo

    Business Development at Coco Viviendo

    Although Actions speak louder than words , it’s not the only criteria towards success in realizing our dreams and Walking the Talk in the (often lonely) journey of Entrepreneurship especially as a Start Up . It’s important to be a realist about this in order to be successful .

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