Awaken To Greatest Opportunities Of Life To Succeed Against All Odds

Success is nothing but a state of mind. People who can create an attitude of success have no problem in attaining their goals. When you walk in a place, your attitude should be:

As if you own a place.
Face exuding confidence.
Chest showing openness of heart.
No fear in eyes.
No bad feeling or hatred towards anyone.
Head held high because of who you are.
Spring in your walk. Show enthusiasm.
Succeeding not an option it is necessity.
• It is our birth right to succeed.
Follow your convictions.
Grab the opportunities that GOD presents us.
Help others in the same way you expect others to help you.
• And lot more things – they are all there in Our Living GURU – Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

It is how people perceive you when you walk in any place. First few seconds is all it takes to be or not be successful. It is not that you cannot be successful if you can’t make grand entrance, it just will need lot more effort.

Here is Sikhism’s take on attitude.

Born to lead – It is our attitude to proud to be Sikh. People have no knowledge about who we are and their attitude towards us is due to ignorance. Sometime people say things to us because they have forgotten that they are alive because of us and our sacrifices as shown in video below:

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