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Feel Good Blogging Challenge Day Three

Step By Step Guide To Be Super Happy And Healthy

Today I will give you daily routine to be happy and stay healthy.

• You should sleep by 10:30 PM your local time.
• Before you sleep spend few minutes for giving gratitude thoughts. Just say things in your life that you are thankful for.
• Get up early in AM. Remember saying “Early to bed and early to rise, make you healthy, wealthy and wise”.
• Again start your day with giving gratitude. This is all to set yourself for positive thoughts in your life.
• When you to work, enter the workplace with big smile on your face. Leave your personal situations out of workplace. This way you will start good.
Be nice to others and keep building positive feeling to make your day better and better throughout the day.
• Lunch should be approximately ½ of daily caloric intake.
• On return home spend some time with family and kids if you have.
• Dinner should be early in evening and light in calories.
• You may have juice or water or tea later on if you feel like.
• Keep repeating the sequence daily and you will get a momentum for building a positive life.
• Drinking plenty of water during whole day will keep you young looking too.

Here is another person’s perspective on exercise and healthy food choices:



I am sure this routine will work for anyone who sincerely follows it. I am here to help if you need to tweak it. Be kind to leave a comment if like the information.

Feel Good Blogging Challenge Day Two

Helping others is my passion. It may be just motivating a person who is feeling down, anyone little under weather, needing nuggets of helpful advice, encouragement to follow their dreams, just listen to someone who has gone through bit of tough time or just playing the understanding game. It not only makes other person feel better, but makes me feel really good. It gives me a sense of accomplishing something in my life. I look forward to have that feeling.
Other day I had a contractor assemble a shed for me. He was feeling tired at the end of day. He is in his mid forties. I discussed his condition with him. He had gone through knee replacement. He is also suffering from heart condition and diabetes. His blood pressure is under control with medication. Diabetes is border line. He is very careful about his diet. He told all things in detail. When I asked if takes any vitamins. He said no. He said that he could not find any vitamins without sugar. I suggested him liquid form sugar free vitamins with anti-oxidants that are absorbed 85 to 95 percent in human body. Within two months of taking those vitamin supplement his pain is gone. He does not feel tired that much. Whenever I see him he is ever so thankful for the advice. That has made me feel really good!
My feeling is that vitamins surely did the job, but my listening to his story with compassion has also its share in this person’s good feeling. I gave him positive thoughts to consider along with a constructive advice. That was and is my passion, especially because of training and experience as a pharmacist.
Here is another story. I know an elderly gentleman in his nineties. He started feeling little lethargic and stooped walking. He was hesitant to walk because he was thinking he will fall down and may be break his hip or something like that. I suggested him also some vitamins and gave him lot of encouragement. He used to walk little bit with the help of a cane. Now he is walking straight without cane. This sure made my day.

Now make yourself feel good by watching this video below:

Feel Good Blogging Challenge One

Feel Good Blogging Challenge Numero Uno

Hi my name is Amrik Mann. Professionally I am a Pharmacist. Recently was forced to retire by administration because of age, I feel and look like in mid forties. That is because I know how to take care of my health very well. I live in tri-state area, about 90 miles from New York City. I took this forced retirement in stride and decided that I am not going to work as a pharmacist any more. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my profession as a pharmacist. Presently my main focus is on helping other people to get into better health and live a long happy life. That is my passion.

I am doing it by helping one person at a time. My understanding is that I can scale my helping effort through internet. That is why I started blogging. Why I started blogging is an interesting story. My father is a retired Ayurvedic and Homeopathic Dr. He retired in mid 80’s when he immigrated to USA and started living with us. He was the person who never used computer in his life. He learned to use computer from my children and started writing his experiences in medicine and life. Until now he has written about 18 books (Not in English) and still continuing it. He publishes them and gives them free to poor people back home. Seeing what he is doing with his time and money inspired me to do the same. Because I have learned from what he knows as well as from my own education and experience, I am excited to help others, who are less fortunate than me.

I am writing for layman, whom most professional in medical and pharmaceutical profession are not sincerely helping and for the public at large. They do hundreds of test and over-prescribe medicine so they can cover their own but. You do not need all those things for staying healthy and happy. My aim is to provide information free or at very nominal charge to public and help as many people as I can!

Currently, I have written few blogs on success series in the same website ( Actually my aim is to cover topics on health, wealth, motivation for success in life and ultimately blissful happiness for everyone I touch.

My message to the visitors on my web is, there is nothing you can’t achieve. All you have to do is look for information and take action to remedy the situation. There is no such thing that can’t be corrected or achieved. Information is there all over the internet all you have to do is collect, discern and take action. I will give information responsibly but ultimate responsibility still rest on their shoulders. So please discern.

Here is another perspective on happiness in the video below. Take a look and above all be happy!

Perception Affects Our Success

We all feel differently based on our perception. One individual may have feeling of lack or abundance based on what we perceive the circumstances to be. I just read a story written by a friend in my FB group. It will prove my point of perceiving.

Storey is about 3 blind men. They asked to see an elephant to find about how an elephant looks. They were brought in a place where a tamed elephant was kept. They were given a chance to feel the elephant so that they can tell how elephant looks to them. First person touched the trunk of elephant. He said elephant is like a log of wood. Second blind person felt the leg of the elephant he said elephant is like a pillar. Third individual felt tail of elephant, it is like a broom. Each person had felt different part of body of the same elephant and thought it to be a different form. They were all correct based on how they perceived it.

Wayne Dyer said, “The way we look at things, can change the way we perceive things” This can be easily explained by Quantum Physics. Consider everything around us is made of nano(sub-atomic) particles. When we look at things we send a vibration of either feeling of lack or of abundance, which changes the things we look at and hence it changes our perception of things. Universe is filled both success(feeling of abundance) and failure(feeling of lack) available to us. It gives us based on how we perceive the things around us. If we perceive them with feeling of lack we get failure and if we look at them with feeling of abundance then we become successful in everything we do.

Success comes to us by sending to universe feeling of abundance. Whatever vibrations we send out same ones come back to us. So to be successful we need to think of abundance, not lack of it. How you do that is subject for another post.

Watch this National geographic video to understand how we perceive things.

National Geographic: Test Your Brain Episode 2… by procrastinator87

To keep you informed about my next post leave the information in comment. In the meantime think positively.

Who Should You Listen To

There is lot of advice available on every topic. With this in view if you really want to know, whose advice should follow, keep thoughts below in mind:

  • You should listen to the people who had what you desire and had gone through the stage you are currently in.
  • Choose your guide very diligently. Your success will depend on it.
  • Once you find your ideal guide, listen to the person very carefully.
  • After learning as much as possible, next step is to discern on the information and follow what looks right to you.
  • Ultimately you should always listen to  yourself only.


For finding how to select your guide please leave the comment on this blog. I will communicate based on your question.

Success Principle 1

Success depends upon taking action and getting results. Follow the steps below to achieve success:
• Do something every day to improve you. It may be reading a motivational book, learn something new, watch a how to video to learn something and go to a seminar, etc. Anything like that is alright, so long as it is done consistently.
• Set a goal large enough to excite you, but reasonably small so that you can achieve it.
• Believe in your goal!
• Make a plan of action toward achieving that goal.
• Do not wait more than 48 hour to take some kind of action toward achieving the goal. Any plan is OK as long as it is a step towards reaching the goal. You can modify the plan during your journey as needed.
• After you achieve your initial success, you will feel motivated and take more actions to complete bigger and bigger goals.
• That will lead to further motivation and more action. Result will be achieving big goals. You will keep rinsing and repeating process till you are successful.
• The main aim here is to keep consistently moving in the right direction till you achieve success. Persistence is the key of success. Never give up. Keep plugging in.
• As Napoleon Hill said,” If a man can dream it, bring himself to believe it, than he sure can achieve it.”
• Be obsessed with an idea of achieving your goal. There is no goal that can’t be achieved. You have to think like that.
• Consider that you are champion and you can’t lose.
• Now love what you do and have fun doing it!
Here is proof, it can happen. Click here to see it for yourself.

Any questions, leave a comment with your thoughts. There will be a lot more in future. If you want to be informed of more posts like this, you can share your info as a comment.

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Success Principles

Success Principle
• Best way to succeed is to think what you want to succeed in and follow through your thought with action.
Do not wait too long to make a plan of action. If you wait for perfect plan of action, it is not going to remain perfect by the time you give it a finishing touch.
• Fact is the dynamics of any situation change with passing of time. That is what will make any plan imperfect and lacking in so many ways.
• Best route to success is to discern on any situation.
Act immediately on the best possible plan you can make at that moment.
Amend the plan as you proceed and see the possible result at that time.
• Any plan of action toward achieving your goal is better than no action at all.

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