Another Pointer For Success

Start a habit of keeping a journal of all action steps you are taking towards reaching your goal and note the results also. When you get stuck you should refer to these notes and analyze them. This analysis will help you find your shortcoming and let you reach the solution to problem very quickly. It will increase your productivity and give you momentum to reach or surpass your goals.

Journal should record these things in it:

  • Record your progress. It will provide with chronological data which gives you hindsight and information for improving the processes.
  • Record daily insights from your progress towards your goals. It increases your awareness of your well as your weaknesses.
  • Great way to record your gratitude. Doing so shifts your mindset towards positivity which will help you succeed.
  • Write things that worry you on daily basis. Dumping them out of your mind clear clutter from your mind.
  • Write your ideas floating in your mind. Sometimes you might need to change the direction in which you are going. These ideas might come handy in developing towards your goals.
  • Write what you want to do after you achieve your current goal. Success is a work in progress.

Robin Sharma on “How To keep a journal” in a YouTube Video gives his view on the writing a Journal:


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