After Teaching Yourself Then What

Teaching yourself is first step. It surely helps you internalize the information. Now you have mastered the information and you can do few things which will make you even better.

Teach it to others. If information is making you do things better for yourself, then go ahead teach it a friend, a colleague or anyone else you care about. It will positively impact their lives. You will also not lose either. It will make you feel better and your mastery of the information will reach new heights. It will be win-win situation for all involved. It will push you into new heights in success ladder.

Teach it using your imagination. Teach it in your mind’s eye while you are performing other tasks. That will help master it. End result is the same that is increasing speed with which you will achieve your goals and succeed in your life.

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Here is Kevin Ward’s perspective on internalizing the information as a YouTube Video:

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