Accept Failures As a Natural Process In Journey To Success

Failing in anything has different meaning for different people. Unsuccessful person will look at failure as a bad thing. Their mindset tells them that if they fail few times they have to give up their goal. When they give up they confirm their own opinion that they can’t succeed. So they become a loser.

Henry Ford said, “If you think it is right then it is right, if you think it is wrong, then it is wrong, because it is your thinking that makes it so.”

It is thinking of failure as bad thing that makes it bad.

While successful people think that failure is not a bad thing. They consider failing as a minor roadblock in the process of succeeding. If they fail they find another way around it. They do not give up. They make the journey to success a fun. Failures become insignificant in the process of succeeding.
Suggestion is develop a habit of considering a failure as what it is, a minor road block in the journey to success. You will always find it a minor inconvenience which can be overcome. It is not an all or none situation. There is always an alternative for all situations. Have some patience and find the solution as to why you failed. You will succeed.

A YouTube Video – “Famous Failures.” Gives examples of few famous failures that turned into great success:

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