Nov 222014

So many times it happens to all of us. When you may be in the middle of writing something, you get stuck in thought process. It does not matter how hard you try, you are not able to bring forth next thought to write. Flow of thinking just gets stuck. You cannot recall anything from memory.

Here is a simple solution to your this situation:

• Put the paper and pen down.
• In case you are using computer, take hands off the keyboard. Stop looking at screen.
• Look up, look left and look right.
• This will take you out of think mode of brain and will bring into search mode.
• Search mode of the brain is where you want to be in to get unstuck in your thought process.

Human brain works like a computer. Every moment when you are awake your brain receives billions bits of data. It stores the data in groups with quick view of relationship based on previous experience. Thought keep flowing when data is easily retrievable. When it is not you get stuck. That is reason you first have to get out of think mode and change to search mode. Procedure explained above is simplest way to do that.

We also get stuck in negative thoughts more often. In our routine life we talk about negative things more often than positive things. We can change that also by talking about positive things consciously.
Alison Ledgerwood in the video “Getting stuck in the negatives (and how to get unstuck)” explains about this stucking situation in our lives and how to get it unstuck:

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Nov 212014

Are you looking for abundance in your life? Do you want to attract things in your life? It is wrong way to look for abundance to come into your existence. You don’t “attract” things, you create them. When you create, you activate the “Law of Attraction.”

In order to create anything in your life, you must:

• Know precisely what you want. Define your chief aim accurately.
Think about your aim consistently with passion. Be obsessively passionate about it. Give it intense focus to generate strong particle to activate it. This intense emotion focused on what you want will create what you desire.
• In Law of attraction you get back same vibrations back. Following your request universe will create circumstances to match your vibrations and you will create successfully what you need to fulfill your aim.

Importance of creating is clearly visible in video ahead:

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Nov 202014

It is a simple principle. If you want to be successful in anything, you need to master the thing. If your goal is to be a heart surgeon, you need to be mastering cardiology. It does not matter what your goal is you must master the know how to be successful in that field.

Most important thing in mastering is to be mastering the basic. Basics are the fundamental blocks on which whole building of mastery stands. You should build a strong base first. Then you can build as high as your base will be able to support. As stronger the base is built, the more height for the building can be achieved. Same way more you master the basic fundamentals of anything, more mastery of that field can be attained. Set up a solid and sound foundation if you want to be master of anything.

In the video Mike Rashid is giving his take about learning the basics if you want to be good athlete:

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Nov 192014

To achieve your goal quickly it must be in your sweet spot. That is what I was told by my mentor. What is sweet spot? Any goal which is big enough to excite you but at the same time small enough to achieve with a little additional effort. Remember it must also require a little extra umph. That goal is in your sweet spot. Having goals like these will set you up on the road to success. Every time you achieve goal like this you will be motivated to achieve more goals.

So to be successful you must start with small goals which are in your sweet spot. Doing so will catapult you into reaching your ultimate goal. You will enjoy the process. You will put in lot of work, but it will not feel like a work. Success will exude out of your every action. There will nothing that will be able to stop you.

Natalie Sisson gave this explanation for creating a sweet spot in business in video below:

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Nov 182014

Today I might look like that I am writing on an off topic, not in any way related to achieving success. But it is related to success principles I have been blogging about.

Have you observed while driving everyone hits the pot hole on the road even though all tried to avoid it consciously? When they trying to avoid hitting the pot hole on the road they are looking at it while driving. Your sub-conscious mind is following your eyes. Since you are looking at the pot hole it is taking you over the pot hole. It is taking you to the place where you are concentrating.

Now let us do an experiment. When you see a pot hole on the road and you don’t want to hit it. Do not look at the pot hole, instead look at the part of road which if you go over will avoid hitting the pot hole. As you did this your sub-conscious mind will take over and make you steer over to the right part of the road and you will not hit the pot hole. Try this neat little trick. It will work all the time.

Now what happened here? Your subconscious mind followed the directions of your conscious mind without you being aware of it. This happens all the time in our daily life. Lesson here is to be successful don’t think of things you want to avoid. Think of things which will help you achieve your goals and make you successful. This is one more pearl of wisdom to help you along the way.
Here is YouTube to help you see a positive twist to pothole scenario:

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Nov 172014

In few posts that will follow this post, I will indulge myself into explaining the reason, behind why Law of attraction doesn’t work for lot of us. What we do wrong in realizing our dreams and how to correct it so that we can achieve them. I will explain one step per post till we go through all.

There is nothing wrong in having big dreams. All our lives we have been trained to worry about how. How we are going to achieve this? There is no way I can do this. Those are limiting factors in our thinking. What my family is going to say? There is friendly but negative voice of people surrounding us saying it is waste of time and energy. They will do their best to dissuade you from fulfilling your dreams. They will sound so good and caring. Lot of them might even be genuine and sincere about what they are saying. That is because of their own self limiting thinking.

Now here is alternative thinking on what you are facing here. Let us tackle it together. Consider dreaming and achieving are to different aspects and you need to separate them. When you are dreaming do not think about how you are going to make them a reality. If you can put how part of achieving on hold for a short little while and completely think what are you are dreaming. Imagine that you are in future and have already achieved that dream. See in your mind’s eye how your life became better because of the dream you realized. You will get excited about the dream and become motivated to take action towards completing it. This will bring thoughts in your mind and you will put forward the request to the universe through your vibrations of thought. Then universe will create circumstances, opportunities and bring to your life which will show you how part of the equation. Those things are not in your radar right now, but will appear at the right time.

To be continued ……….

Dream big just like the people in this video:

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Nov 162014

When we set goals for ourselves we tend to have such a high goals that it becomes very difficult to attain them. In one of earlier post I said the money is of no consideration when setting goals. That is true as for as learning to dream. It is also OK to have big dream as a final dream. But to achieve that big dream you have to build up momentum to motivate you to reach that BIG DREAM. That means you have to achieve small dreams first, just like steps on the ladder. Only way you can reach the upper most steps by going over each step one at a time. Every time you succeed in one small goal, it takes you closer to the top most steps. It becomes very easy if you follow the simple suggestion I have for you given below:

Consider that life is a game. You are a player as well as judge of the contestants. Because you are judge, you have authority to change the rules of the game. Set the bar low. Make rules in a way that you can easily win. Use this authority of yours when setting goals of your life. Make them such that you can win every time with ease. Every time you win, it makes your mind think that you are great achiever. Whatever you can make your mind believe, that is what you will become. So you will become a great achiever and will reach your ultimate goal very quickly. It does not matter how farfetched your final goal may seem at the current time.

Here is video stressing importance of setting small achievable goals:

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Nov 142014

We all humans habit of collecting things thinking some day we might need it. It so happens that 20 years later we still have found no use for it. It stays in our garage, basement or attic of the house collecting dust. Such things create very negative energy in your life. It is important that you understand clutter is nothing but something that will hinder your progress in life. Get rid of those negative vibrations.

The above thought does not apply to collectibles which increase in value over time. It is OK to collect well thought collectibles with certain value thought in mind.
It seems impossible to clean clutter. It looks such a surmountable task. Here are few suggestions to motivate you to get a handle on this situation.

• Question – How you eat an elephant? Answer – one bite at a time. Suppose you want to clean your car. If you feel it is too much to do. Start with one seat at a time. When done start with trunk. Soon you will see everything in the car. Same way things can be cleaned in the garage or any room in the house.
• Anything you save should be labeled properly so that you can find it when you need it.
• Things you do not seem to find a reason to keep are junk as for as you are concerned. Get rid of them.
Make a rule and stick to it. For example if you do not use things you collected for five years and they are not increasing in value (not Collectibles), get rid of them.
Set aside a specific time and what you will clean in that time slot.
• Plan a garage sale event at least once or twice a year to monetize your clutter.
• If you have a collectible, get it appraised periodically to see if it is really a collectible and increase in value relative to your other investments.
Donate the things you don’t need.

Some tips about organizing are in this YouTube video below:

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Nov 132014

Be thankful for anything that happens in your life. GOD (Waheguru Ji) has given us plenty of things to be thankful for. It is nature of universe that whatever makes us happy, it gives more of the same. Human mind is strong transmitter of vibrations. It is also a best receiver of vibrations that is available in this universe. Universe (Nature, GOD, Almighty or WHOSOEVER you believe in) send you back same vibrations, which you put in front of IT. So send good thought vibrations to IT and IT will return ten folds back to you. This means that whatever happens in your life is caused by you. You are responsible for both good things and bad things happening in your life. Then why not change things around. I want to empower you. Think about this, if you caused bad things in your life, it is with same ease you can change them and make it good things appear in it.

Here is what I would suggest. Start by giving gratitude prayers just for few minutes before you sleep and after you wake up. If you do it consistently you will start seeing more and more of good things happening in your life. Before you know things will come and happen that you can even think of. Lucky streaks will be part of you existence.

You could be thankful for lot of things:

• For air you breathe, no one can more than few moments without it and it is GOD given free item.
• For water, if you consider at cellular or intracellular levels, you made of 99% of it.
• For having a family and children giving you fulfilling life.
• For having good friends
• For giving you internet so you can be in touch with like minded people all over the world.
• And so on, your imagination is only limiting factor or not!

So let us be thankful and give gratitude daily and make our lives more happy and fulfilling.

Here are some examples of gratitude giving things in our life in video:

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Nov 122014

“Success is progressive realization of a worthy ideal. If a man sets a goal for his future and achieves it then he is success, otherwise he is a failure.” Earl Nightingale

Let me explain the secret in the words of Earl Nightingale who is the original speaker of The Strangest Secret audio. He says:

  • Only one out twenty people succeeds, because other nineteen had no goals. A person without a goal is like a ship without a crew, captain, map or destination. That is why such a large percentage does not reach anywhere.
  • Human race is fixed in a way not to prevent strong from winning but to prevent week from losing. That is, what is called conformity in our society?
  • We become what we think about most of the time. This is strangest secret which is behind every successful person.

Disraeli said any human being with a subtle purpose in life, must accomplish it. Nothing can stand in the way of person who will stake even his existence to fulfill his goal. Ralph Waldo Emerson said that a man is what he thinks about all day long. William James said that human can alter their lives by changing what they think. If we think certain things are real, they will become real by growing connection with us and people around us through our habits and thoughts. Believe and succeed is the secret behind every success. Sauce in this is to think about it most of the time.

People who succeed don’t believe in circumstances. They look for circumstances they want. If they can’t find they make them. A person, who is thinking about his goals and goes about getting them, will get them. Other person who has no goals and is confused about what he wants will reach nowhere. His life is going to full of failures and misery.

As you sow so shall you reap is a good axiom to clarify it further. Lets us see an example of farmer. Land does not care what farmer plants in it. It returns the crop of whatever seed is sown on it.

Human mind also works the same way. It does not care what you think. It returns plenty of same things what you are thinking. Human mind is very fertile and it invariably gives us whatever we plant in it. If it is all true, then why people don’t use their mind to be successful more. Explanation is since we got it free along with other standard equipment at birth, we place no value to it. Things which are given to us for nothing we place no value on them and things we pay money for we value. But fact everything that is worthwhile is given to us for free by the universe. Our mind, our body, our soul and all other priceless things are given to us for free. Things we pay for are cheap. If anything breaks down we can replace them. But things we get for nothing like family, love and our body are priceless and can’t be obtained at any price. They are irreplaceable. We use our mind very little (about 10% of our ability) for the same reason.

You are what you think, because that is exactly where you wanted to be. What you are thinking now is going to be your future. It is up to you. You are in driver’s seat. Strangest secret is that human future depends upon how we use our mind for good or for bad. That is going to shape our success.

Now to be successful decide what you want. Think consistently how you can achieve it. Then work on getting it. It is that simple. In your mind’s eye see yourself what you will be doing when you reach your goal. Feel as if you are already doing it.

Here is YouTube Video on the topic:

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